Accurate Wind Chime, Narsingi


Client: Mr Ranjan

Location: Accurate Wind Chime, Narsingi


Tasko team was pretty much delighted on being handed over this project. We had been looking for ways where we could channelize our freshly brewed ideas and this was where we thought we could do it. We got this home project of Mr Ranjan who was very much fond of minimalism. He wanted his place to be designed in a way that would fit rightly with his personality and reflect its aura. Hence, we started working on his home interiors at Accurate Wind Chime, located in Narsingi.

Our client was a very practical person who had a special interest in intricately beautiful objects. Such objects should have high visual values and must be minimalist and simple. He wanted to have his false ceilings designed in that way and we made this a possibility. He also wanted to adorn his property with natural stones and hues. So instead of using the stone directly, we planned out a design where we could use laminates of that particular shade. After an engaging discussion, we decided to use the laminates that had the marble shades on them. This helped us deliver him the units with the same look and feel of the natural marbles. This was particularly planned and executed on the TV unit in the living space and the puja area.

We made out a space to accommodate a Mandir in the corner space of the living area according to Vastu. This was a great way of how we effectively utilised the space crunch.

We then moved our attention to developing the kitchen space. We were engrossed in making the area stand out and hence we resorted to using a completely acrylic laminate finish look in contrasting aqua green and white. This helped us to make the space bright by using the right amount of lighting solutions.

Mr Ranjan wanted the vanity unit wall to steal the entire attention of the room. Hence, we made the design in a way where we could use laminates by paneling the structure. We also put in a beveled mirror finish and this focused all the glaze that it deserved.

The kids were also really overwhelmed by the final look of their room. We carefully combined bright colors with subtle white shades. This made the decor look very attractive and joyous. We also created a workstation in the room for that sophisticated look and feel.

Our client is a very ardent fan of Mr Amitabh Bachchan and we could not let this opportunity slip out of our hand to surprise him. We customized a life-size portrait wallpaper of Mr Bachchan and placed it right on the front wall.

All we could say is our team could see a shimmer in his eyes by looking at the final result. He was astonished at how exactly we could resonate with his requirements and delivered as planned. Needless to say, we were equally satisfied with seeing our client beaming with happiness. Tasko look forward to creating more such spaces and establishing more valuable relationships like these in the near future.

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