Chaitanya And Sahiti Home, Beeramguda


Client: Chaitanya and Sahiti

Location: Beeramguda

Duration: 2 Weeks

Team TASKO helps to build from the ground up, not a house or an office but a dream. What might be an extension of brick and mortar for people is the lifelong dream of the clients that TASKO works with. So we help them in bringing to life a reality that’s far more beautiful and authentic than their imagination.

  • Our client: This time TASKO had engaged itself to work on the dream house for the couple-Chaitanya and Sahiti. By their own frank and forward admission, the couple had interviewed about 50 interior designing companies and agencies for home renovation in Hyderabad before deciding on working with us for this project. So it was definitely a big deal for us.

The couple had recently bought a new independent house in Beeramguda, Hyderabad and were planning on designing the same. It was the right decision to look for top interior design companies in Hyderabad and finally choosing us.

  • Requirements: The client wanted a combination of modern and classical finish for their home. The kitchen was to be made uber modernized with pre-set equipment like dishwasher and space for other kitchen appliances. For the bedroom, the client wanted a high-gloss reflective laminate which not only gives a luxurious touch to the room but also creates the illusion of a wider room – more space. The aim was to create maximum utilization of the available space and also to equip the house with the latest amenities without losing the warm and cozy feeling that a classical house set-up provides. Well, after understanding the client requirement, we sat down to design the right renovation model for our client.
  • Work Done: It took our team about 2 weeks to finalize the design for the project. As we wanted to give Chaitanya and Sahiti the opportunity to know every step of our work and take their inputs too, they were present with us for the entire designing process during these 2 weeks. This was followed by the execution of the design created. The only hiccup we faced during working on this project was because of the strikes going on, which made material delivery a difficulty on-site as the protestors were not allowing the commercial vehicles to pass through the only accessible route. Well, we sneaked right past this one by carrying the materials in our personal vehicles at 3 am in the morning. The things we do for making sure we deliver on our promises! Innovation at times of difficulty seems to be our thing lately.
  • Result: Not to brag, but TASKO was able to deliver yet again! The client was happy with their decision of working with the top interior designer in Hyderabad that they have named their apartment – My Dream Home.

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