Building Dreams: TASKO’s New Experience Center


Client: Tasko

Location: Hyderabad


The Tasko’s latest renovation project was its very own experience center this time, where we decided to take the customization to the next level and create an unparalleled experience of renovating and designing homes while giving our customers the first-hand experience of what we do, how we do, and how well we execute things for them. Our new experience center is the extension of our creative thoughts with high-quality and intricate design as its key ingredients.

This was a complete turnkey project where every little detail was thoroughly considered; for, it was representing TASKO. Everything, right from the furniture to the household décor was executed as per the specific themes, giving every corner its unique personality. As they say, the work of art speaks for itself, we wanted to inculcate the same in this center. We have put in our best ideas, thoughts, and creativity to bring this space life, which is Tasko in every sense.

So here is a room wise breakdown of the work done by our team.

Living room: The aim was to create an aesthetically utilitarian living room, something that not just attracts but also interacts. So we placed in the Malena 3-seater couch in all denim fabric and printed Cecilia winged chair to match up with the pastel setting of the room. This set up was complemented with a coffee table that featured a polished teakwood top frame and matte black metal legs based on an industrial design theme, which further added to the room’s ambiance. Next, adding to the room’s sophistication is the modern TV unit, which is handleless with high gloss laminate followed by the coordinated artwork and the corner lamp, which brought in the perfect warmth. The décor articles here reflect the passion for music while giving that urbane look to the entire space. The common area between the living and dining room is artistically partitioned with a two-side-paneled trapezoidal-patterned partition that portrays a fine metallic matte finish with Duco paint in it, giving it a stylish yet homely feel.

Dining room: The artifacts on the dining room side are a reflection of the love for world travel and taking Tasko to places. Creating an industrial look here with dark chestnut teakwood polish and triangular metallic black legs in matte to complement the dining space. The bar includes a storage unit occupying minimal space, and ever since the launch, it happens to be the favorite corner to visit. The carved wood cabinet space below adds a dash of tradition to the setup.

Kitchen: A minimalist breakfast countertop with a dash of green gives a fresh look. Ample storage and utility space are created with the help of modular cabinets and magic corner space. The Italian lamination brings an unmatched elegance to the whole setup.

Children’s bedroom: This space focuses on the physical and mental activity instead of digital activity, and hence we have created a hobby area on one of the bedroom walls. This can be used for climbing if the children are highly active and energetic or if they have a creative bent of mind, the blackboard section can help them to bring their ideas to shape. The room is the perfect place for self-expression. And, just to make things age-friendly, we have opted for Merino Imagino line laminate rather than cartoons or superhero themes as children grow out of it.

Master bedroom: The theme for this room was luxury. We have used chrome-tinted mirror finish sliders for the shutters to save space and create a luxurious look. The wardrobe is systematically planned to accommodate all types of clothing. And, a texture and mirror combination has been used in the back wall to add minimalistic classiness. The window settee has been designed as a relaxing corner to enjoy the view outside while reading your book along with your favorite beverage.

From comfort to the luxury, utility to enthusiastic activity, all the themes have been set-up keeping in mind the ultimate user of all these facilities. It is important that you feel at home inside your house, and with TASKO’s customization options, you can build and create just that. For we believe, it’s your home where your heart lies!

Cheers to happy housing!


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