Gachibowli, Hyderabad


Client: Mrs. Lopa Ghosh

Location: Aparna Serene Park, Kondhapur


This is another project in which the client is very much delighted with the overall experience.

The client was very much particular & specific about her design requirements. She even contacted one of the most reputed home decor company in Hyderabad before approaching the TASKO team. Our team took notes of all her requirements & provided her the required designs for managing the space optimally along with the apt color combinations.

The key points in execution works:

POOJA UNIT:- She was very passionate about the Puja Room. Hence we suggested & provided her coffered ceiling & vertical rafters with plywood & veneer finish. To maintain the traditional look we provided her the teak & walnut shade color combinations.

KIDS BEDROOM:- It was designed in a way to use minimalist solid colors that would give a clean & vibrant look.

DRAWING ROOM:-  Here the client insisted on a wall with a premium look. Hence we designed a wall with rich marble finish laminate, brown-tinted mirror, Golden Strips & a contrasting teak shade rafter. Execution of the particular design was also a challenge due to the varied thickness of the plywood, laminates & mirror, but our team loves taking up such challenges & bringing designs into reality.

KITCHEN PARTITION: The client had an open kitchen but needed to cover up space up to some extent & provide partial visibility only. Here we constructed an artificial wall where she could showcase some paintings & use it as a décor wall. Also to enable partial visibility we suggested rafters of the same teak shade to enable the same harmony in the house.

Apart from completing the designs & execution works in the specific time frame, our team also assisted the client with the selection of proper décor items that complemented the designs & space.

Since then, the client has assisted us a lot by spreading the positive word among her friends & colleagues.

TASKO, a top interior designer in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. We not just executing the tasks but make sure everything is in line with clients' expectations!

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