Mr. E. Rajnish Apartment, Hyderabad


Client: Mr. E. Rajnish

Location: Hyderabad

Duration: 30 Days

When Mr. E. Rajnish decided to opt for a more modern design for his abode, he contacted Tasko. The family wanted a crisp, clean look for their interiors with the right combination of colours and space utilization. There were multiple areas to be upgraded, each one with different requirements. Our client’s wishlist majorly included complete woodwork, a trendy modular kitchen, false ceiling, and painting.
Since the original living space featured a basic design so the owner was looking for a modern update to add more functionality to his 3BHK, 1750 sqft apartment. However, this entire work was needed to be completed within 30 days, which was a big challenge for our team.
We started with the design and layout of the kitchen first, which was gracefully transformed into a contemporary setting, significantly enhancing the entire home’s view. As per our client’s needs, we added a few variations in our design scheme to make his space stand out. We chose subtle paints for the interiors to bring that light and warmth into the house. The shade of the woodwork was carefully picked to achieve an aesthetic, complementing the look and feel of the entire property. For the false ceiling, classy and artistic designs were executed with different lighting schemes.
Our client had planned to move in quickly and there were just 30 days in our hands to meet his expectations. With strict deadlines to comply with, our team worked 15 hours a day for the successful completion of this project within a given time frame. Team Tasko got together to completely transform this space into a modern living apartment where everything was fresh and up-to-date right from the painting, ceilings, kitchen to woodwork.
We worked on this project from conceptualization through its completion to create a space that is more than just a home. The end result was a well-designed and spacious home that we managed to deliver on time with everything at a high standard and exactly how our client wanted. The family was super happy with the outcome and so were we!

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