3-Storeyed property, Hyderabad


Client: Mr. Mallikarjun Appa Rao

Location: Hyderabad

Duration: 60 Days

The first step towards the completion of any project is the trust between the two parties. Mr. Mallikarjun Appa Rao is a reputable tax consultant in the city. With the wedding of his son on the cards, he wanted to renovate his 3-Storeyed property as per the latest trends to suit the new couple’s taste. He was looking for the top interior design company in Hyderabad.

Our team was hired for an initial consultation, which included discussion on designs, execution of ideas, and the entire project management.

As renovation experts, we initiated the design that functions well for the family and is modern in all respects. However, the challenge here was the timeline. Mr.Rao needed the entire renovation to be completed within 60 days as he wanted the space to be all ready before the wedding preparations and guest visit starts.
No doubt, time duration was little, but our determination and team spirit to accomplish this project was far greater than the time we had in our hands. Considering our commitment towards the work, Mr. Rao gave us this opportunity with full trust in our services. Now it was our turn to prove them right.

The project constituted changes in external elevation, upgrading the property design, false ceiling installation, window and door frame replacements, painting, and civil works. After thorough analysis and careful planning, we started out our remodeling process to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Our only aim was to add significant value to this property so we used the best techniques, materials, and design plans to execute it with a complete design-driven approach under expert workmanship.

With the combined efforts of our skilled team and vendors, we were able to complete this project in a stipulated time as per our client’s expectations. We created a look that was truly unique to their home, featuring bespoke designs and classy finishing. Our client was happy with the results and the entire team was invited to the wedding, which further strengthened this association.

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