Oyo Townhouse ,Vijayawada


Client: OYO Townhouse

Location: Vijayawada

Duration: 30 days

TASKO believes in delivering to clients across the spectrum, and so when we got the opportunity of working for OYO we decided to give them the ‘best interior designer in Hyderabad’ experience! Being one of the cheap & best interior designers in Hyderabad, we had quite the opportunity to create yet another happy client and make one more brick-and-mortar assignment come true.

  • Details about the project: It was our first collaboration with OYO for their Townhouse project located in Vijayawada. The timeline to finish the project was set at 30 days.
  • Requirements: Our client was very specific about every single detail of the project. Right from the brand of paint to be used to the color code to get the shades right, they were very particular about the things. The fitments that were to be used in the washrooms were also specified. OYO has its standards set when it comes to the interior experience it provides and hence they were looking for someone who could help design the same for them. And, we took this golden opportunity to prove our skills and caliber. Team TASKO aimed to provide the best and hence all the specifics mentioned and the guidelines given by the client were followed to the last T.
  • Work Done: The deadline was set even before we started working on the project; this meant we had to make a schedule of doing the work and sticking to it in order to deliver what we had promised. It was not an easy task. Being one of the leading interior decorators in Hyderabad, we have a good channel of sources from which we were able to bring in all the items and fittings as per the specified guidelines.

Our team chalked out the right work plan to work right from day 1, and our operations team made sure to stick to the same. The end result was the completion of the entire designing and decorating within 30 days – a feat that we are quite proud to have achieved. Working on such flagship projects helps us understand what type of interiors and designs are preferred by people which add to our ever-growing experience – with every project, we aim to learn something new and create something new!

  • Results: Team OYO was very pleased with the exhaustive efforts that team TASKO has put into for completing the project on time with the right specs and fittings as expected. We delivered and delighted the client, and as a result, we have been awarded a couple of more projects across the AP. And, we are looking forward to successful runs with the other ones too.

Working with OYO as our client taught us the necessity of having the right means and sources to bring to our clients what they have asked for. Delivering what we have promised has always been our motto and we aim to please all those who put trust in us to help make their dreams come true. For quotations, inquiries or further details you can visit us at Tasko.in

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