PRs Office, Hyderabad


Client: PRs office

Location: Hyderabad

Duration: 45 Days

Team TASKO believes in doing the difficult with an ease that makes it seem possible. So yes, if you ask us whether we can help you with renovations in your office without affecting your day to day work, then our answer will be– yes, why not? You have chosen the best office renovators in Hyderabad to work with, and we will make it worth your while.

How does renovation work?

If you plan on getting your office renovated without shifting your staff and work to an alternate location, then you need to make a design plan. First, Team TASKO assesses all the places where major renovation work is to be done. This will help us determine which all places will take more time, which processes might create a disturbance, and how we can work on these without affecting the office work.

Based on these estimations, the sections will be made in the office and the staff will be shifted to alternate locations within the office during the course of these renovations. That being done, a proper estimate of daily work to be completed will be made and then the same will be followed until the project completion. Work is to be done in sections, concentrating on one place at a time, so as to optimize the whole process. So being in sync is very important during such projects, which cannot be achieved without the cooperation of both sides. These kinds of projects are more about mutual understanding.

  • Project requirements: Team TASKO has already worked on such a project where it had to complete the entire renovation without disrupting the office set-up. The project timeline was about 45 days wherein we had to complete the entire flooring work, civil work, the waterproofing system, and also the plumbing work. Along with all these, we also worked on the painting, electrical work, false ceiling, intercom, and internet networks.

To say the least, it indeed was an entire renovation with the main aspect of being working in sync with the way the office functions. Though it was tough, our team streamlined the entire process in the most organized way.

  • Work done: We had to divide our work keeping in mind the office schedule. Work like flooring and false ceiling require space and so we had to schedule them when the office was vacant. Plumbing and waterproofing were carried out simultaneously. The electrical, intercom, and internet work were done together so as to use the same system lines without disturbing people's time and again.
  • Result: The task was definitely difficult because we had to adjust a lot. At times, we even work at odd hours so as to not disrupt the office but the final result did work out as we wanted it to. So yeah, in the end, it was all worth it.

Being the best office renovators in Hyderabad comes with its own responsibilities and those are delivering the best in every project that we take. Glad to inform you that we have lived up to our tag of top interior designers in Hyderabad by making this project come through.

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