Indis One City,Kukatpally


Client: Mr Arijit Sengupta

Location: Indis One City,Kukatpally


We had been closely dealing with properties that had been facing space crunches. We plan and implement solutions that make the property less clumsy and meet what the clients desire. So there had been one such requirement placed forward by Mr Arijit Sengupta for his property in Indis One City located in Kukatpally. We were hired to resolve his issue of space shortage with an interesting makeover. We brainstormed the entire layout to suit something that would make the space look larger. Our aim was to fit things efficiently, by smartly utilizing what we had.

Our team met the family, understood what they wanted and discussed our proposed designs. Upon finalization, we took charge and delivered them a new space that was not cluttered.

TASKO team thought about every square inch of the property and ways to make living sustainable. The property was made modern with advanced lighting, space management, energy efficiency, and other upgrades. Our clients wanted to redesign their master bedroom and hence we got on it.

We tried designing and delivered their master bedroom that could easily accommodate two beds. The space was properly planned and managed and there was still enough room for free movement. Not to forget that the beds also had a lot of storage opportunities within them and that helped reduce the need for unnecessary wardrobe installation. This made the room look clean and spacious. There was wall to wall loft integration that was helping to maintain the room symmetry. The shutters had mirrors installed on them and this was the trick used to make the room look bigger.

The kid's section had completely separate planning. They had their beds near the window and this started serving as the bay window seat. The family could use the space as and when desired when not used by the kids.  And, the living area was carefully planned to solve the problems of scarcity of space. There was a partition installed which the family can also use as a foyer unit. This had drawers in them for easy storage and management.

The foldable dining table was the biggest breakthrough in the dining area. This was coupled with smart storage units to help everything fit nicely in the block. The table can be pulled out when required and this would also not block the passage. There was no fixed furniture and hence no chances of cluttering.

There was another bedroom meant to be used by the guests. We designed it in a manner to accommodate a wardrobe that can be turned into a study area. The room also had a Pooja unit in it and a sofa cum bed. This efficient management helped to utilise the room even when there are no guests present.

Our expertise and vendor management helped us to wrap the project within the deadline given to us by our client. They were happy with the results and so were we. With this, we made an everlasting bond with the Sengupta’s that will last forever now.

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