Kondapur , Hyderabad


Client: Mr. Vishwajit & Mrs. Priyanka

Location: Aparna Serene Park, Kondhapur


This project that is in talks now is located at the Aparna Serene Park in Kondapur, Hyderabad and this was a simple and fascinating makeover done for Mr. Vishwajit and Mrs. Priyanka. We could infuse our artistry into the designs and leave them spellbound with our credentials. It was not long after the transformation that we received loads of gratitude and compliments for how we were able to meet their expectations.

Mr. Vishwajit is a very ardent football buff who was stuck at home sandwiched in the work from home pressure during the lockdown. The couple was also not happy about the unprofessionalism of their walls which hindered them to become more comfortable during office presentations. Hence, we were summoned and we understood their entire concern. Quickly could our team manage to scale out the layout of the design that their house required and we could effectively gel in our plan to them.

We provided their house with a very simplistic layout and played with dual-tone textures. The combination was majorly inclined towards uplifting the color white to increase the coolness of the space. The other colors that were seen on the walls had been primarily combined with white to make the professionalism sprout out of the walls. We even didn’t forget to create a wall dedicated to Vishwajit’s passion. Yes, it was the ManU wall that stroke the best chords of his heart.

Mrs. Priyanka on the other hand, wanted the design to coalesce with a tinge of utilitarianism, but not compromising on the classiness. The bright yellow dash of tiles in the kitchen instantly uplifted her mood and she was beyond excited to move in right now. We liked playing with the extravagance within their indoors but while maintaining a lighter profile and match the metropolitan ideologies.

We also made sure that the furniture was aligning with our hand-curated décor. The lightly veined furniture blended pretty well with the pastel colors and never did they feel that it is their very same house they use to reside in. The solid teak wood center table just gave the living décor a score up. The couple felt like they were gushed into a whole new sense of joviality and finesse. The design will provide added quietude and they can escape through to the window settee for some exemplary coffee breaks.

We could prove the credibility of our services and this highly elated couple shared their stupefying experience online. We are beyond happy to serve such cooperative clients and showcase our highly dedicated and streamlined service that was executed at par and satisfied our clients.

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