Oyo Halcyon Suites , Hyderabad


Client: OYO Hotel Halcyon

Location: Hyderabad

Duration: 12 Days

Project Scope: The entire property was required to be renovated. Scope included seepage treatment within the walls, painting, plumbing, electrical, carpentry works followed by deep cleaning of the entire properties. The air conditioners in the property were required to be removed and new ACs to be fitted.

Challenge: The deadline for the project was very tight and amounted to nearly 3 days for each floor consisting of 10-12 rooms. In addition, finding the exact points of seepage and curing them required major civil work-related challenges. Another major challenge was the hotel has to remain life while the renovation work is going on which has to proceed floor-by-floor.

Solution: Project planning was done very carefully. The TASKO team gave a detailed description of the execution plan to the hotel owners as well as the OYO team before the commencement of the work. The rooms of each floor were vacated on specific dates and the TASKO team worked on a very tight deadline to complete renovation work on each floor and move on to the next one.

Result: The owner was super happy with the quality of the work and was able to save 4 business days by making the project live within the stipulated timeline. The saved time amounted to ₹2.6 lacs of earnings.

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