Oyo Hotel Nirvana , Hyderabad


Client: Oyo Hotel Nirvana

Location: Hyderabad

Duration: 5 Days

In renovating the Hotel Nirvana, Tasko was tasked to revamp 3-4 bedroom flats for our client-Oyo. In an effort to better serve the guests, the client wanted to convert them into individual Oyo rooms with advanced enhancements and the latest upgrades. They wanted to establish models that effectively reflected the brand’s USP. However, the major challenge in the project was that all the proposed work had to be completed within 5 days, which consisted of full-fledged painting, replacement of bathroom fittings, and minor carpentry works. Apart from this, the pest control treatment and deep cleaning of the property were also on us.

Though things looked difficult and nearly impossible to manage within the given timeline, TASKO made it happen and delivered the project on the decided date.

The goal was to give a fresh appeal to the bedroom flats without losing their character. For this, the complete focus was on the interior design, its look and feel. Since we had very little time in our hands, both the team and the vendors devoted full 24-hours on the painting job for the first 3 days. Attention was on creating interiors with consistent appearance with an atmosphere of hospitality for the guests to feel welcomed and comfortable. With bespoke planning, excellent coordination, and seamless interaction between the team and the vendors, different parts of the project were executed simultaneously, so that it can be concluded in a timely manner. So once the painting was complete, carpentry, plumbing, and deep cleaning were carried out simultaneously to accomplish the entire renovation in a given time.

No doubt, there were some difficult negotiations in the project, which required a great deal of time, but we managed it all, ensuring everything was as per the brand’s standard right from Hindware bathroom fittings to high-quality painting and design work.

In this way, we revamped the existing set of Nirvana rooms into well-designed Oyo rooms, which earned us the appreciation of our client who was really happy with the results that were achieved in just a period of 5 days. The project was made live within 5 days, which not just saved him 4 business days but a whole lot of precious time amounting to ₹2.6 lacs

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