Kukatpally, Hyderabad


Client: Somnath And Monalisa

Location: Kukatpally

Duration: 1 Month

Team TASKO has done it once again! This time we were handling the dream homecoming project of Table Tennis Ace Somnath, a national level table tennis player, and Monalisa. The idea of the project was quite simple – to complete the entire renovation and interior designing at the place within 1 month. Also, all of this had to be done at a pocket-friendly budget, and like always we aimed at delivering what we had promised – making your dreams come true.

So here’s how everything started and was finally achieved:

The couple had recently purchased a new flat in Incur One project in Kukatpally. The place needed some basic interiors done so that they could move into their new home within 1 month. This was because they had to vacate the place they were renting within 35 days. Now, we aren’t gonna say it was easy but teamwork and coordination made it all possible.

The team spirit and our cooperative client

Team Tasko immediately set to work. Once we finalized the design for the interiors in the first week, the work started in full motion. The active cooperation by the client and engaged participation by Tasko’s design team made this possible. The execution of the project went on a day to day manner where the progress of the project was reported to the clients daily. We shared on-site pictures with the client so that no discrepancies arise between the work done and the work that was expected. This was a very efficient way of monitoring the entire thing for the client from their place.

Working hours and meeting the deadlines

We had to work in long stretches as a lot of work had to be done in a limited amount of time. In 14 to 16 hours of rotational shifts during the last week of working, team Tasko was able to handover the redesigned flat just before the deadline. The client was impressed by the work we had done. And so, the entire team was a part of the housewarming ceremony. Happy clients continue to refer us to their friends and family. A job well done leaves its definite mark.

Over the time that we have been working, team Tasko has come across various unique requests from their clients. Be it working on a shoestring budget to working on a strict deadline, the team has managed to deliver it all as per the clients expectations. When in the service industry, it is important to align your resources and facilities with the needs and demands of your customer. Doing so does create some operational and logistical issues at your end initially, but all of these are great learning experiences for future projects. Committing to things and delivering them on time is essential, and this is what adds value to the entire transaction.

With more projects in the pipeline having unique and interesting challenges, our entire team is geared up to face them head-on. Only a matter of time before we become the face of the industry. Here’s to many more milestones to achieve.

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