Marie Claire Salon ,Nizampet


Client: Marie Claire

Location: Nizampet

Duration: 40 days

With our growing popularity as a reputed and leading interior designer in Hyderabad, TASKO has gained various collaborations with companies and firms across all business circles and private-residential contracts too. One such project that we worked on was for Marie Claire – an international salon based in Paris.

  • Project Details: Marie Claire, a reputed salon chain based in Paris and currently, situated at Nizampet gave us the contract to work on their second store in Hyderabad. The main theme of this project was to reflect the luxury and opulence that this brand associates itself with. The timeline to finish this project was about 40 days from the day of commencement. The main aim here was to make the right arrangements for all the materials in time, assemble them into the right utility fit for the salon, and make all of this happen within the given timeline. The sourcing was an important job to be done because the client was particular about the final look of the salon, and as always TASKO was aiming to deliver.
  • Work Done: Working on this project required another level of expertise especially when it came to the vendor categories that we had to handle. There were about 15 different vendors catering to the various requirements that we had to work on at the salon. As you know, the construct of a salon is quite different from that of a house or an office. The salon needs to be highly functional with the right spot for every single piece of equipment, storing their supplies, and even proper seating arrangements that have the best lighting. The major focus areas for us on this project were the civil works, the plumbing system, and the carpentry work too. Everything had to be customized keeping in mind its usability and functionality and at the same time, it had to look pretty too.

Salons work on a different level of designing where they need the comfort of a house and the utility efficiency of an office, and finding the right balance between two such diverse interiors was what TASKO aimed for. We put in our best efforts to make this salon shine.

  • Result Achieved: Team TASKO being the best interior designers in Hyderabad was able to complete the given project at the right time. Also, the salon was officially inaugurated and opened for business on an auspicious day. This gave us immense pleasure that we were able to deliver as promised and add one happier client to our ever-growing list of a diverse clientele. Such collaborations help us strengthen our foothold further in the interior designing industry.

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