“The Mayo Store” Hyderabad


Client: The Mayo Store

Location: Hyderabad

Duration: 30 Days

Our client wanted to launch a premium juice and shake store. The mandate was to create a space that is more than an average juice shop or grab-and-go stall. The design and execution of the project were a bit complex as there were set color schemes for the entire layout and we had to execute everything as per the rules and specific design patterns of a corporate site. Another challenge was the deadline. The owners wanted the site remodeling to be completed within 30 days. So we had just one month in our hands for the conceptualization, designing, and execution of the store.

Team Tasko took it as a challenge. We started by working on the store’s layout and design first. The focus was to effectively use the available space and showcase the brand as a premium outlet. To match the brand requirement, we made effective use of green, black, and white colors. An element of greenness and freshness was added by incorporating baskets and planter boxes into the design, which beautifully replicated the store’s concept of using everything natural and fresh for their products.

The store was completed within the decided time frame. Everything was on point with respect to the client’s requirements and they were super happy with the end results. What came as the cherry on the cake was that the store turned out to be a big success both in terms of their services and look and feel. It stood out from the other stores within the premises and even got compliments from the site supervisor for an impressive storefront.

In this way, we managed to create a space that gracefully conveyed the message of fresh products with shakes and juices as their specialty.

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